Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Final Character Design?

I think I've finally hit a breakthrough, hopefully this will work as my main character. Usinig the sketches I did yesterday as inspiration, I combined all of the best parts that worked and created this image.
Although Some of the colouring needs changed (character looks a little ghostly, needs better skin tones, texture levels need sorted, the hands are far too small), overall, I think its the best one that i've done. I think this design conveys the characters 'feel' the best out of all of the designs that I have done.


  1. I like how you have him drawn there. His hands look funny, but they don't look "wrong" on him.

  2. Hey man, yeah dont worry about his hand's being to small or getting them true to real life so much.

    I had a Illustrator from Norway called Oivind Hovland talk to us today about his work and he was saying small hands is one of his trademarks. Distorted features can be quite powerful. They add an element of charm sometimes.

    Check him out: http://www.oivindhovland.com/#img/ohovland_consulting.jpg