Monday, 7 February 2011

An Evaluation...

Since Christmas, my feelings towards this half of the project have been mixed. Most of my time since the last presentation has been devoted to my dissertation, because of this I fell behind right after the dissertation hand in date. However, even though I lost some time working on this project, I feel that in the past few weeks I have made Massive leaps forward in terms of motivation and drawing skills. As mentioned earlier in the blog, over the past two weeks, I have made a solid descision to come into university every day and from opening to closing. This has meant that I have been in an exciting and productive atmosphere all day, every day. In these past two weeks I have developed what I believe to be a coherant and unique aesthetic style. Developing this style for my animation has meant constant drawing, this has greatly improved my drawing skill. Another skill area that has improved due to my recent mindset change has been my technical skill with regards to photoshop and premiere pro. I made full use of the new computer equipment and have gained experience using the graphics tablet and photoshop. I believe that this is evident on my blog.
Although I feel that my drawing and compositing skills have improved, there are areas that have not have been so successfull. Due to not revising my storyboard and animatic right after that last feedback/crit, It has meant that I have devoted a lot of time closer to the deadline to this task. This meant that there were no safeguards in place if there were any problems with premiere. During the exporting phase, I found that premiere was exporting in extremely low quality. This lead to a mad rush at the end to get to campus on time to use the faster, newer machines to export.
Also, due to not sorting the aesthetic and character designs for my film,