Friday, 4 February 2011

Animatic frames

I spent the rest of today drawing and shading some of my animatic frames. Because I won't be able to shade all of them in time for the animtic presentation, I plan to spend the rest of this evening and tomorrow drawing out all of the remaining backgrounds and then choosing a select few to fully shade. The rest will be partially shaded and highlighted to show lighting. I will then spend sunday blocking in my character and key framing a few select scenes.
Today was especially exciting as I was using a brand new graphics tablet (which was much bigger than the one I used for my other art this week) and I had an additional monitor. Plus, I've been drawing and colouring in 720p HD, so it should look great when Its presented.

Section 3 storyboards

Section three has now been storyboarded, I've decided to give drawing my animatic frames straight into photoshop a try as I've just been given use of a new, larger Intuos 4 graphics tablet (with the cintiq's being installed as we speak!).

Section 2 storyboards

Section 2 has now been completely thumbnailed, this has given me a better grasp of the story and its pace. The next step is storyboarding section three (which will not take long), then re-drawing all the frames and adding detail/lighting for my animatic.