Thursday, 3 February 2011


Due to my last Animatic not achieving what It set out to do I decided to do something crazy, nay, suicidal. I've started a new storyboard/animatic from scratch...

With the presentation deadline looming and my distinct lack of ANY form of linetests i've decided that a clear animatic, that shows an effective and varied use of camera angles and lighting is the best course. I've been really motivated over the past few weeks and have really pushed myself to work long ours in the studio every day. It is the only way I will be able to get this film finished on time.
Before I started storyboarding I made pages of notes detailing the characters, setting, locations, motivations, plot points and much more background information. I've really tried to flesh out my idea as best I can. Then, from these notes I have begun work on what I consider to be my best storyboard to date. I have seperated my storyboard into three segments to help me manage my time and get a grasp upon the timing and pace of the story. By thumbnailing my storyboard first, it has allowed me to really think about where my story is going and which different cinematograpy techniques to use.
Below are the notes I have made on my story and the first thumbnailed section of the storyboard. I intend to work on into the night until all three sections have been thumbnailed.

Tomorrow I shall Draw each panel in a larger format, scan into photoshop and add light, shadow and detail. This work will most likely lead on to saturday, when I plan to compile the segments in Adobe Premiere to create my animatic. This leaves sunday morning to tie up any loose ends and to create one well animated linetest that I can hopefull place over one of my detailed backgrounds to show that I can inideed animate this film in the timeframe given. Sunday evening/early monday morning shall then be left to tie up any loose ends regarding the professional practice module.
I know that I am further behind than many of my classmates who are working in 2D, However, I feel that this time has been extremely well spent. These past two weeks I have refined the Aesthetic style of my film, created and refined my main character, finalised my story, and created my storyboard. More importantly however, I have gained massive ammounts of motivation and I have re-kindled my love for sequential and animated storytelling. I expect that come monday, many of my tutors and classmates will remain skeptical with regards to my ability to produce this film on time. However, In these past two weeks I have learned an incredible ammount about myself and about animation in general. It has given me a new drive and determination to finish what i've started. Let's Do this!

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  1. Dam man thats alot of work. As film students, my roommates have to story board and do shot lists which I would imagine is similar to what you are doing and it is definately time consuming.